​Where do I sign up for a committee?

Please contact the Social Committee.

​I lost my mailbox key... how can I get a replacement?

Contact the USPS.  The main branch for our neighborhood is on Mayport Road, where you can request a replacement. It is on the right side once you get on Mayport Rd. going North.  I'd take a piece of mail with you as well as a photo ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Who do I contact if I see a yard problem in the neighborhood?

Contact the management company with the address and they will contact the resident.

​How can I advertise in the newsletters?

Please send an email to Candice Gross for information.

​Where do I send my annual dues payment?

Payments go directly to our bank's processing center.

Villages Of Pablo HOA

To be updated

The bank must have the remittance portion of your bill in order to properly credit your account. Please put your HOA account number on your check and include the top portion of your bill when you mail your payment.

ONLY PAYMENTS SHOULD BE SENT TO THE PO BOX. All other correspondence should be sent to the management company. Send your payment for annual dues by check or money order made payable to Villages of Pablo to the management company.

​When is the next Board of Directors meeting?

Please see the Management Page of this website.

​What are the hours for the pool, tennis courts, basketball court?

You can download a copy of the Rules & Regulations here.

What do I do if I see vandalism occurring in the neighborhood?

Any act that is destruction of property or against the law is punishable by law. Call the police at 630-0500 for non-emergencies or 911 if it is an emergency.

​To whom do I submit an agenda item for a board meeting?

Please direct meeting agenda requests to the management company.

​Who can I contact about my neighbors dog barking?

Contact the management company with the address and they will contact the resident.  If the problem continues, you must contact Animal Care and Control at 630-CITY.

​How do I get approval for my home improvement?

Review the Covenants and Restrictions for the community to see if the improvement is allowed. If so, submit a form with architectural drawings, paint samples, diagrams, etc. to the Architectural Review Committee. You can obtain a copy of the standard form from the management company.


​Who do I contact if I see suspicious persons in our neighborhood?

Call the non-emergency police number at 630-0500 or 911 if you feel it is an emergency.

​How can I be nominated for a position on the Board of Directors VOP?

Terms on the board are for 2 years and elections are held at the Annual Meeting held in the fall. Contact the management company if you’d like to be put on the ballot.

​How do I get a key to the pool area?

You must be a homeowner or resident and have your annual dues paid in full to receive a key. New keys and/or key tags are distributed annually in May. For more information, please contact the management company.

​Where do I suggest an idea for a community event?

Please contact the Social Committee for details.

When in doubt, contact our management company

What do I do if I see solicitors in the neighborhood?

We are a private community and have "No trespassing" signs posted. You can bring this to the solicitors attention and ask them to leave or you can call the non-emergency police number at 630-0500.